Artfields, Fever Dreams, and Meeting Yourself Where You Are

Friends, taking a two-week break from blogging was not part of my plan (you can check my editorial calendar for proof). But that’s exactly what happened.

I hit a wall.

Not literally. But so far this year has been pretty non-stop. For the first month and a half we were planning a wedding, then recovering from a wedding (all of which was magical).

Everything since then has been a blur of interstates and travel and living in two places and the general strain of having half of your heart in one city for most of the week while your butt is firmly planted in another (see this post for more on that).

Suffice it to say, while I try to remain good-humored, upbeat, positive, and undeniably aware of how incredibly lucky I am…ya girl was getting a little weary.

So I listened to the advice of every self-care book, instagram post, and podcast I’ve ever seen or heard, and listened to my body. I decided to rest, rather than quit.

Or at least I thought I was going to rest?

The weekend before last we had big plans. We were in Florence, and got an early start to go cheer on our friend Morgan as she ran her first 5K (and totally killed it!).

ArtfieldsAfter cheering our hearts out and tearing through a drive thru for loads and loads of caffeine, we headed straight for ArtFields, which is an art festival in Lake City, SC. The whole city turns into a thriving art museum. It’s absolute heaven for art lovers and creatives, but I honestly believe it would be a blast even if art isn’t your thing. It’s family friendly (although some of the pieces have very adult themes…), and one of the highlights is definitely ArtFields, Jr., featuring pieces from some fantastic (and very adorable) young artists.

Fever DreamsWe had a sublime day of chasing art around this tiny town, sweating ourselves into oblivion and challenging ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. As we headed home, I started to feel weird. Nothing major, just a little off. Something that absolutely could have been explained away by heat exhaustion, sunburn, or just being tired. And believe me, I tried to explain it off with all of those excuses.

Within 30 minutes of getting home, I was shaking uncontrollably, burning up with a fever, sobbing like a lunatic because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and generally giving my frazzled husband a run for his money. Like the true champ he is, he came through in every way I needed him, and I finally calmed down enough to get some very restless sleep.

Another several hours of fevers breaking and coming right back, I found myself sitting in a sterile doctor’s office. Expecting news of the flu or something similar, I was instead told that what I had was a mystery virus (always comforting to hear the word mystery as it concerns one’s health…) that was probably a result of a compromised immune system and long-term exposure to a sea of humanity.

Basically our little outing to ArtFields was the perfect storm.

Learning to meet yourself where you are

Given no other choice, I took some sick days. And I rested.

I didn’t get in my car and drive.

I didn’t stay up late trying to get one more blog post done.

I didn’t sit at my desk at work finishing a project to perfection.

I watched TV.

I enjoyed the company of my husband with no other obligations.

I  s l o w e d  d o w n. 

And it did wonders.

It’s been hard not to guilt myself. I have goals and ambitions, and I want so badly to meet them. I have friends and family and a husband I love dearly, and I want to be there, present, with them, with them all, all the time.But at my very core, the heart of my heart, I am practical. I know that burning the candle at both ends won’t work, and in my case sometimes finds you with chattering teeth and a fever, scaring the life out of your husband because you can’t stop crying even though you were JUST FINE an hour ago.

It’s not pretty, and it’s not worth it. So my friends, I say – if you need to take some time to rest. Do it. The work will be there when you get back. Meet yourself where you are. You’ll be grateful you did.



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