The Cursed Cursor

Friends, I really really wish I had an amazing excuse for not posting lately. I wish I could say it’s because Justin and I have been reorganizing our lives to get under the same roof. Or that I’ve been pursuing another creative outlet so fervently that this one has fallen by the wayside, but I could say LOOK, here are the amazing things I’ve been producing!

Really, none of that is true.

Don’t get me wrong, J and I have been working ourselves ragged trying to get to each other, whatever that looks like. And it’s been exhausting. We’ve been loving each other through excitement and anxiety and close calls and harsh realities and disappointments, and working emotional muscles that we never expected we would need. We’re holding on to the knowledge that every day that goes by is one day closer to us being in the same place, but this in-between time is exhausting. So, so worth it. But exhausting.

There’s a lot of fun stuff I want to update you on. My hair chronicles (but if you follow me on insty, you have some sense of what’s been going on there…). My newfound relationship with shorts (spoiler alert, it’s a good one). I want to share it all.

And I’m absolutely itching to start showing some more of my photos in this space. To discuss this photography dream that’s always been right there at the forefront of my mind, desperately trying to work its way past the doubt, the impostor syndrome, the “everybody else is doing it” fatigue, not knowing which direction I wanted to go, thinking I was surely incapable, terrified of what the people closest to me would think (don’t we all do this? it’s so silly), certain it would never live up to my expectations – this dream has been sitting right behind all of those things for years. And now that I’ve given it a camera and permission to push past the doubts and fears and just grow into what it is, it’s taking off. And I am SO. EXCITED.

There’s so much I can’t wait for. I can’t wait to build my portfolio. To keep learning every day. To build on my skills and develop the eye I already have. I can’t wait to photograph my first couple, my first family, my first portrait….there’s a ton of good things ahead, and I’m eager¬† to get to them. (Speaking of…if you’re in the Charleston area and want a free photo session to help a girl build her portfolio, hit me up. Seriously.)¬†

But it’s important to note that these struggles, these inconveniences, this spring fever, and this new, BIG dream don’t eliminate the dream that is Curved Angles. This is a dream too, and one that I’ve poured so much into, and you all have poured right back. I’ve been staring at a blinking cursor far too often lately, and while that’s going to happen occasionally, I promise I’ll be back. This little community, this corner of the internet, deserves the space we’ve created together.



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