Done with 31

So long, you surprising, wonderful year.

As it would be completely off brand for me to have done this two weeks ago near my actual birthday, I saw it fitting to do my long-planned year recap…late.

Done with 31

I didn’t have any expectations last September when I eased on into being a 31-year old. 30 was the big one, that’s what everybody said, so I figured 31 would be pretty chill, right?


31 was not chill. Not in the least.

Instead, it was dynamic, exciting, surprising, energizing, disappointing, upsetting, spontaneous, educational, ambitious, scary, confusing, blissful, and so, so wonderful.

A brief (and hopefully not boring) recap.

These 12 months that stretched from 2017-2018 brought with them so many things.

This man I love more than life asked me the easiest question I’ve ever been asked on top of a mountain.

Done with 31
Happier than I’d ever been

We spent the holiday months on a South Carolina Tour of Holiday Cheer, complete with a Jeep full of presents and a confused cat.

During the holidays, we also decided that the large-ish, elaborate-ish wedding we were planning was actually a horrible idea, and started planning an elopement-plus (or a wedding-lite, depending on your preference) instead.

Done with 31.
The 2017 Holiday Tour. Lots of flannel, lots of coffee.

We followed through, and promised each other forever in front of living room full of our closest family and friends.

Done with 31
Not excited at all.

Winter, spring, and summer were full of continued interstates, Facetimes, and starting our marriage on opposite ends of the (long) state of South Carolina. Through all of that, we worked. We worked very hard to find a solution to our problem – our problem being every one of those 136 miles between us.

Done with 31
Enjoying every second
Done with 31
Adventures in art
Done with 31
Charleston you sure are pretty

Late summer brought change, a scary diagnosis, a big move, a new business venture, and a major haircut (because what major life moment is complete without a dramatic haircut?).

Done with 31.
New hair, care very much, actually.

Here’s to you, 32

New beginnings scare me, if I’m being completely open. I always hated (just…HATED) the first day of school. Breaking the rhythm of summer and throwing myself full-swing into the first day of school with kids I might know but who might decide to be mean to me for some reason and teachers that had rules I might accidentally break (like not being allowed to get up and get a tissue in the 2nd grade…) and the godawful smell of whatever it was they cleaned the cafeteria with mixed with my heightened senses from all of the anxiety adrenaline pumping through my veins…I just hated it all.

The beginning of each new calendar year feels full of promise, yes, but also full of scary things that could happen.

Despite my best intentions, I feel similarly about the beginning of each new age. I’ll be wiser than I was 12 months ago, but there’s also so much more at risk. There will be more love and warm memories than I can even begin to imagine, but there will also undoubtedly be tears.

While I fight the anxiety that comes with this realization, I’m comforted by the fact that I’m surrounded by people who fight the scaries and the unknowns right along with me. I’m not doing this alone, and if 31 taught me anything, it’s that 32 has the potential to just as incredible, if not better, because of my people.

Done with 31
Thanks for being here, friends.

Can’t wait to spent 32 with you, friends.




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