The 6 Things I’ve Worn a Million Times

When it comes to most things, but especially clothes, I am a creature of habit. I have a closet absolutely FULL of stuff (despite all of my attempts at NOT having a closet full of stuff…Marie Kondo, help!) and I still gravitate to a handful of pieces that I absolutely wear out and then buy again. 

Please tell me we all do this. 

While I attempt to step outside of that comfort zone and branch out and use the other pieces of my wardrobe…I always come back to these. 

Here are the 6 things I’ve worn a million times (at least). 

The 6 Things I've Worn a Million Times
The 6 Things I’ve Worn a Million Times

Chambray shirt

Justin is forever steering me away from chambray shirts in stores. “But I need them!” I yell. “No, you really don’t.” He calmly insists. 

And he’s right. I have like 8 of them. But they’re the most versatile shirt! Not that it matters because I pretty much wear them one way and one way only. Buttoned, with a cardigan. I Mr. Rogers the hell out of a chambray shirt. But who can blame me? They’re universally flattering. They’re comfortable. What more can you ask from a garmet? 

The 6 Things I've Worn a Million Times
This chambray shirt also has POLKA DOTS.

Striped dress

The one featured here is blue. I also have a black one. I also want ones in EVERY OTHER COLOR. 

I got both of my from Old Navy, but I’ve pretty much never met a stripe I didn’t like. These are so flexible and can be dressed up or down. And the comfort level is beyond. I can’t even tell you. How is it so soft?? 

The 6 Things I've Worn a Million Times
This dress is unspeakably soft.

Stripes also make a lovely neutral-ish backdrop for accessories, with the added bonus of not being…well…boring. Wanna pair a stripe with a floral scarf? Go for it. Want to pair a stripe with a neutral necklace? Cool. They’re versatile, and it’s a good thing too, because I wear these dresses about once a week. 

The 6 Things I've Work a Million Times
Stripes for life

Black leggings

Yep, like every other woman and a lot of men on the planet, I have an undying devotion to black leggings.

Also, before we go any further on the topic, I am 100% on team Leggings Are Pants. If you are not on this team that’s totally fine, you’re just wrong. 

My leggings collection spans many years and serves many purposes. We’ve got basic cotton leggings that are kind of thin and stretchy enough but lose shape pretty easily and wind up just looking like little kid pajama pants. Those are “around the house” leggings and usually wind up driving me insane because they’re also too short and if I wanted capri leggings I would just BUY capri leggings, you know? But whatever. They work well enough. 

My fleece-lined leggings are rarely invited to the party, but when they are, boy do they show up. There’s just something so comforting about being able to rely on a spandex piece of clothing to also keep you perfectly warm. 

When it comes to my absolute tried and true favorites? The softer the better. The ideal legging – the ones I’m always devastated to learn are all waiting to be washed — are soft, long enough, just thick enough to provide full-coverage (no panty-pattern-revelations here), and stay put. I’ve bought my fair share on Amazon and from Target, and they’re all fine, but my favorites, my absolute, 100% cannot live without favorites (pictured here) are from CVS, and they cost $6. 

The 6 Things I've Worn a Million Times
These leggings are from CVS. The pharmacy.

Yep, you read that right. CVS. The pharmacy. 

The heart wants what it wants, friends. 

Color-block sweater

As you may have gathered, neutrals are my bag. Ya girl loves a black, white, gray, tan, etc. anything. But this sweater gives me all the hearts for eyes. The cut! That mock turtleneck! The cozy! That bright pink color block! 

The 6 Things I've Worn a Million Times
See! I wear color!

It’s just SO fun, so unexpected! I can pair it with jeans and a cardigan, or over a chambray shirt (I told you I was obsessed), but my favorite way to wear it is over those stretchy CVS leggings. I wore that exact outfit to Thanksgiving this past year and I don’t think I’ve ever been so comfortable in my life. 

AND, it holds it’s shape. I even took a nap in this sweater, and it bounced right back (unlike my hair and makeup). Overall, this is such a fun piece and such a pleasant surprise favorite. 

Camel cardigan 

I LOVE a cardigan. Big ones. Ones that swallow you whole and usually serve the same purpose of a coat. My goal is to live my life surrounded by as much comfort as possible, and there’s not much better than wrapping yourself up in the softness of a super cozy cardi. 

The 6 Things I've Worn a Million Times
My love for this cardi is real.

I try to pretend like I don’t have a favorite, but at the end of the day? The camel cardigan has my heart. The color is effortlessly cool and goes with any other neutral or bright color, but it still provides an unexpected warmness to any outfit. This cable-knit one is my favorite, despite the hole. I’ll wear it until it unravels at my feet. 

The 6 Things I've Worn a Million Times
Despite the giant pocket hole.

Cognac flats

With my goal in life being comfort above pretty much all else, flats are the dominant shoe in my closet. They’re everywhere. I think I have 3 pairs of heels, and they’ve all pretty much been worn once. 

The 6 Things I've Worn a Million Times
They go with everything!

But nothing pounds the pavement quite like these bad boys. Fitting with the theme, they go with literally everything. Jeans. Dresses. Leggings. Work pants. You name it, these will work with it. They rarely show wear, always look classy, and are a liiiitle more fun than your basic black flat. I love these so much that I have a backup pair, just in case anything happens. Always prepared, this one is. 

The 6 Things I've Worn a Million Times
Backups are always necessary

What are your faves? 

Alright, I need to know. What are your must-haves? The pieces you constantly find yourself returning to? 

Is it a specific dress? One pair of jeans? Do you have a capsule wardrobe? Tell me in the comments! 

As always, I’d love to hear. 



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