One year ago

One Year AGo

One year ago, we were getting ready for one of the biggest, most important days we’d ever experience. 

We were running last minute errands. I was trying desperately to track down a flower comb that was stuck in customs in Queens. We were both a little curious about where our wedding bands actually were in the world. 

We were still back and forth. Tearing up the interstate between Charleston and Florence.

One Year Ago

You sent flowers to my office even though that was expressly against the rules, so I bought you that shirt you wanted because if you’re breaking rules, so am I.  

We had just spent the most precious 16 months building our lives together. Crafting that framework of forever, with no real knowledge of what it would look like except that we would always be in it together. 

We’d spent the weeks and months before that finding new things every day to love about each other. We’d been through countless challenges, but way (way) more happiness. 

We were giddy, and nervous, and blissful, and stressed, and excited beyond belief. 

One Year Ago

That oh-so-important day flew by, but I remember every single second. It’s burned in my memory because it’s the best thing I have ever done. The best decision I have ever made. 

The weeks and months after brought even more travel. More miles. Several weekends spent doing nothing but devouring every episode of American Horror Story (somehow both wonderful and terrifying at the same time?). 

One Year Ago

Autumn brought big changes, big moves. Adjustments. Winter brought so many twinkle lights and another cat. (Can all seasons bring another cat?) 

Every day has been a dream. Even (especially?) the ones where we’re exhausted and grumpy and don’t want to do (insert responsibility) or are sad because life can be sad or are moving all of our earthly possessions across a state line and shoving both of our lives into one HUGE truck and are sweaty and in pain and excited and wondering where all the stuff came from and where it’s gonna go when we take it off the truck. Even then. A dream. 

One Year Ago

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. If that’s the case, then we have so unbelievably much to look forward to. 

And I can’t wait to do every bit of it with you. 

One Year Ago



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