Hi Friends! I’m Kristy — a dad-joke-slinging, body-positive photographer and writer. I live in Durham, NC, with my amazing, adorable husband and our completely insane cats. 

Most days you can find me binging all the Game of Thrones with the hubs (I’m almost caught up – no spoilers!), and researching recipes to make in my InstantPot (honestly, that thing is magical). 

I’m known for talking way too fast, being empathetic to a fault (I’ve been known to cry more than once at the pet store because I worry that the animals on sale feel less-than. It’s becoming a problem), and being the tallest person in almost any room (if you need to reach something on the top shelf, I’m 100% your girl).

The things I’m most passionate about in life are my marriage, body-positivity and creating an inclusive environment for people of all sizes and abilities, women’s rights, fostering life-long friendships, and of course, our cats. 

kristy c. johnson about me
but how could i not be obsessed?

When I’m not staring at my husband with hearts in my eyes, or chasing Paul Simon and Books (the aforementioned cats) around the house trying to force my affection on them, you can find me behind my camera, making sure the couples and families who trust me to capture their memories are comfortable and having fun.

If I’m not behind the lens or editing away until I turn a session into an heirloom, you can find me writing. Moving the cursor along the page to create valuable content on life, body-positivity, health and wellness, marriage, friendships, photography (of course), and how to make the most of our time on this lovely planet. Once you step into the KCJ blog, I want you to feel like you’ve sat down with a friend for coffee. I can’t wait to meet up with you there. 

This little corner of the internet is one centralized location to find all the good stuff.

  • If you need a photographer and want a relaxed, low-pressure experience ending in memories you’ll treasure forever? I’m your girl.
  • Interested in hearing about life, fashion, beauty, relationships and pretty much everything in between from the body-positive lens of a fellow curvy girl? Check out the blog right here!

More than anything, I want to connect with YOU. Use that email below or the comments feature to find me. Tell me what you want to hear. Tell me what’s resonating. Tell me what’s going on in your life. Can’t wait to hear from you.