9 Ways to Break Through a Creative Plateau

If you consider yourself a “creative” (a term I kind of hate using because aren’t we all creative in some way? Also it just brings to mind imagery of every smug “creative” type I’ve ever known and puts a bad taste in my mouth which is admittedly my own baggage but maybe you relate? This intro is already too long), then maybe you’ve gone through a slump. 

A plateau. 

A period of days or weeks or months (hi.) or even years (hello!) when your brain and heart just didn’t combine forces to do ... 

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Body Positivity During Weight Loss

Why Weight loss? 

I mentioned over in this post that Justin and I started Weight Watchers at the beginning of the year, and then kind of breeeeezed on past that to talking about cooking. Which might have led to some of you wondering why I, a self-proclaimed body-positive and very opinioned anti-diet-culture blogger would join such a traditional…well…diet. 

I wish the answer was deep and complicated. 

That I had discovered some sort of hidden meaning in the Weight Watchers philosophy and it was actually NOT a diet, but a lesson ... 

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One year ago

One year ago, we were getting ready for one of the biggest, most important days we’d ever experience. 

We were running last minute errands. I was trying desperately to track down a flower comb that was stuck in customs in Queens. We were both a little curious about where our wedding bands actually were in the world. 

We were still back and forth. Tearing up the interstate between Charleston and Florence.

You sent flowers to my office even though that was expressly against the rules, so I bought you that shirt you wanted ... 

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The 6 Things I’ve Worn a Million Times

When it comes to most things, but especially clothes, I am a creature of habit. I have a closet absolutely FULL of stuff (despite all of my attempts at NOT having a closet full of stuff…Marie Kondo, help!) and I still gravitate to a handful of pieces that I absolutely wear out and then buy again. 

Please tell me we all do this. 

While I attempt to step outside of that comfort zone and branch out and use the other pieces of my wardrobe…I always come back to these. 

Here are the 6 things I’ve worn a million times (at ... 

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Do You Cook?

The hubs and I joined Weight Watchers at the beginning of the year, (more on that later), around the same time we started trying to stick to a budget, and a funny thing has been happening. 

We started avoiding restaurants like the plague.

Makes sense, right? Restaurants are expensive, and total calorie bombs.

Here’s the thing though – we’ve always been restaurant people. Like, dining out was a full-blown hobby. Maybe even more than a hobby. It was a way of life. There was no sit-down chain that was exempt. Drive-thrus ... 

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The 5 Best Health Investments I Made in 2018

Hey friends. It’s 2019.

I know, I have no idea how it happened either, but here we are. 

I bet you’re also seeing a TON of (like…so many) posts, ads, captions, more ads, about how you need to change. How you need to be better. Do better. Workout harder. Eat cleaner. New year, new you, or whatever. 

I get it. I’m feeling the pressure too, and it’s overwhelming.

But guess what? Your worth (or your health!) isn’t defined by a number on a scale or the tag on the back of your jeans or how many glasses of water ... 

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Done with 31

So long, you surprising, wonderful year.

As it would be completely off brand for me to have done this two weeks ago near my actual birthday, I saw it fitting to do my long-planned year recap…late.

I didn’t have any expectations last September when I eased on into being a 31-year old. 30 was the big one, that’s what everybody said, so I figured 31 would be pretty chill, right?


31 was not chill. Not in the least.

Instead, it was dynamic, exciting, surprising, energizing, disappointing, upsetting, spontaneous, educational, ambitious, scary, confusing, blissful, and ... 

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Secrets, Scares, and Making Big Moves

Hello, Old Friends. 

My last post was far, FAR too long ago, and this time? I have an explanation. A couple of them, actually.

Let’s start with the REALLY good, REALLY big news. (Well, it’s really big to us, anyway.)

We’re moving!



My love of 2 years and husband of 6 months and I will finally be under the same roof. What’s even more than that, we’re getting a huge change of pace out of the whole deal. We’re setting up our home in our new city of Durham, NC.

I will miss the people of Charleston. I will miss my friends ... 

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Hi! I’m so glad you’re here.

Hi friend! Welcome to all things Kristy Johnson. I’m so glad you’ve found your way over to this corner of the internet.

I’m Kristy – the chief decision-maker, dad-joke-slinger, cat-cuddler, lady behind the lens, attacking the keyboard, and slinging safer personal care products.

You can usually find me, my husband, and our weird cat Paul Simon coming up with every excuse possible to stay inside our Durham, NC home.

I LOVE hanging out on Instagram, so hop over ... 

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The Cursed Cursor

Friends, I really really wish I had an amazing excuse for not posting lately. I wish I could say it’s because Justin and I have been reorganizing our lives to get under the same roof. Or that I’ve been pursuing another creative outlet so fervently that this one has fallen by the wayside, but I could say LOOK, here are the amazing things I’ve been producing!

Really, none of that is true.

Don’t get me wrong, J and I have been working ourselves ragged trying to get to each other, whatever that looks like. And it’s been ... 

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Artfields, Fever Dreams, and Meeting Yourself Where You Are

Friends, taking a two-week break from blogging was not part of my plan (you can check my editorial calendar for proof). But that’s exactly what happened.

I hit a wall.

Not literally. But so far this year has been pretty non-stop. For the first month and a half we were planning a wedding, then recovering from a wedding (all of which was magical).

Everything since then has been a blur of interstates and travel and living in two places and the general strain of having half of your heart in one city for most of the week while your butt is firmly ... 

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Long-distance is hard, y’all.

Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship?

Long-distance relationships are hard. Nobody says they’re easy, but it’s shocking how hard they can be, especially when – as in my case – the relationship is your marriage.

This marriage isn’t hard. In fact, it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Trusting this man with my heart and sharing our lives and making plans together and each trying our absolute hardest every single day to be the best teammate we can be? Not hard at all. Not with him.

It’s not even that hard from a logistical sense. While ... 

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The reason I’m starting to hate mornings (a little) less.

I’m not a morning person.

I recognize the cliche in saying that. So many people are “not morning people.”

But I’m not just not a morning person, I’m actively BAD at mornings. I oversleep, I stay in the weird sleep fog forever, and time is always moving WAY faster than I think it is, so as a result, I’m usually at least a few minutes late every day.

It’s not because I don’t get enough sleep (I do), and it’s not because I dread my job or hate my life or any other existential reason (I don’t!). I’m just NOT good at ... 

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Fatness and Fitness

Fatness, fitness, and why I own 15 pairs of workout pants.

I don’t hate the gym. A lot of people do, and I really don’t. I’ve spent hours and hours of my life at the gym (wait, why are you laughing?…I totally have!) and as a result, there’s something kind of familiar and comfortable about it. I’ve gone through long stretches of waking up before the sun and wearily throwing on (one of a million pairs) of black yoga pants and a sports bra and driving down empty roads to a surprisingly crowded gym where I would sweat until it dripped on the floor around the treadmill ... 

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Workhorse Wardrobe | Style It All

Workhorse Wardrobe is back, and it’s time to style. it. all.

I’m strongly resisting the urge to start this post with the opening lyrics to Aaliyah’s “Try Again,” (“it’s been a long time…shouldn’t have left you (left you)…”). Okay, so I basically did it anyway. I’m just so glad to be BACK AT IT and talking about one of my favorite things: making your wardrobe work for you, and not the other way around. You’ve been working hard, and we’re finally on our last step! It’s time to style it all.

If you have no clue what I’m ... 

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We got married!

Friends, I’ve been gone for what feels like forever. It was actually only a two-week break, but I have a good reason, I promise.




We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming here in a bit, but I wanted to take a second to reflect on the best day of my life so far. When pics roll in, I’ll do a whole post on the wedding itself. The logistics, the ceremony, the dress, the shoes, the makeup, the last-minute changes, the backdrop we put together in two minutes, the kickass ... 

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How to Eliminate Your Problem Areas

Problem areas are the problem.

It’s no secret – our bodies are being scrutinized. They’re under uncensored judgment every day, and not just by our own eyes in the mirror. Everywhere we turn – social media, television, movies, magazines, (god, especially magazines…), we’re hearing the same song, being fed the same ideas. One idea in particular: THIS (insert photo of thin/super-fit woman) is how we are SUPPOSED TO LOOK.

…Didn’t you hear? Look at that magazine over there, it says it too. Don’t believe us? Fine, check out this ... 

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Online Dating Is Scary | How I Met My Soon-To-Be Husband

Online Dating is Scary

As our wedding day approaches (11 days, y’all!) it’s natural (I think?) to look back at how we got here. Over the last several weeks, I’ve thought a ton about just how lucky I am to be in this place right now, with this man. There are so many things – SO MANY – that could have easily kept us apart. Timing, distance, an unwillingness to take a chance, all of these could have easily rendered this whole thing – our whole future together – impossible.

I will no doubt be going into a lot more detail about our ... 

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