Adjusting to a new body

The 3 Things Nobody Tells You About Your “New” Body

Adjusting to a “New” body is a challenge.

I’m briefly interrupting our Workhorse Wardrobe series (no clue what that means? Don’t worry, you can catch up here, and here) to chat about something that’s been hitting me hard while I’ve been going through these steps, and I want hear your thoughts about it as well. Adjusting to a “new” body is something most of us have dealt with in some way or another, so hit me with those brilliant insights you all definitely have. I’m ready for ’em!

Body changes in general present a whole host of challenges. ... 

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Workhorse Wardrobe | Cleaning Out the Closet

Cleaning Out the Closet

Cleaning out the closet is a cornerstone element of building a workhorse wardrobe. I don’t mean airing your dirty laundry Eminem-style (although feel free to do that too, this is a safe space), I mean literally cleaning. it. out.

I’m sure if this is a topic that even remotely interests you (and I hope it is since you’re here!) you’ve probably looked into streamlining your wardrobe before. There are a ton of blog posts, pins, articles, listicles, books, and other very legitimate recommendations out there – create piles, ... 

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On Comparison

Comparison Is

It’s a well-known saying on comparison that it is, in fact, the thief of joy. Speaking from the wearied experience of being a chubby child, teen, and adult, I can say with certainty it’s the thief of pretty much everything. Feeling comfortable in your own body. Enjoying food. Rest. Shopping. IT TAKES THE JOY OUT OF SHOPPING. (That, and not being able to find anything in your size, of course). Like most women, my childhood and adolescence were steeped in comparison.

There’s Always That One Kid In Class

I’ve always been crazy tall. I love it now (except when every ... 

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Searching for style

The Search for Style

The Search Begins

The search for style can be a daunting task. We all go through our phases, and style matters to some of us more than others. More often than not, if aesthetics matter to you, what you wear and how you look has a direct impact on how you feel. Hopefully it’s less about meeting societal expectations, and more about finding what makes you feel authentically you.

The way I dress has always impacted the way I feel. The theme for my style (and my life, if I’m being honest?) has centered around one thing: comfort.


Like most, my teens were ... 

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A Curvy Christmas

Forgive me, but I’m going to be super cliché and ask…HOW is Christmas already over?? It feels like two days ago that I was torturing my cat by forcing him to take photos in a witch hat (…I couldn’t help myself…it was Meowloween), and here we are with Christmas already two days behind us.

Justin and I spent the holiday chasing Christmas cheer across every corner of South Carolina. We started things off in Florence, SC with shopping (because we’re crazy people who think shopping on the Friday before Christmas ... 

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Curves Ahead

Welcome to Curved Angles! I’m so excited/nervous/scared/happy to meet you. This little piece of the internet has been an idea in the back of my mind for years now. Something I’ve always thought about doing, but never had the nerve to push from the back of my mind, out of my fingertips and into the real world…until now.

I’ll start by staying, I want this space to be comfortable. Comfortable for you, for me, for your friends you (hopefully) share it with…everyone. It should feel like a close friend’s house when ... 

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